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Publicity for Speakers

Getting free publicity can be one of the fastest, easiest most costs-effective ways to boost your speaking career from no where to superstar status. This website will show you exactly how to do it.

There are many roads that lead to a speaking stage. Some speakers work their way up the corporate ladder only to find their job description suddenly includes doing presentations. Others promote causes they believe in. And then there's the road warriors who chose to make speaking a profession.

The fact that it's publicity and not advertising is a big plus in your favor.

Anybody can pay for a full page ad in the paper. But not everybody is capable of getting the media to do an article about them or have them on as a guest on a talk show. That's what this web site is all about. It's about finding ways to make yourself famous. It's about walking on stage with that little extra clout that comes from possessing the elusive, enviable brand of stardom.

Let's face it, not that many speakers are going to be able to make the news because of their style of speaking. You may have spent thousands on vocal coaches and Toastmaster manuals, but so have countless other people out there.

How you speak isn't going to get you on the news. What you speak about will!

Your claim to fame is going to be what you have to say, or rather, how important what you have to say is to the general public.

What's your main theme? Are you busy trying to convince the world that time management is important? Well so are a ton of other speakers out there. Can you say it in a way that's easy to understand and practical to implement? Now you're getting closer. Have you done extensive research and come up with 5 steps that almost always work? You'll probably get an interview.

But by far your greatest foot-in-the-door is going to be having your own book. It'll establish you as an authority in the minds of those attending your talks and it'll make you "The Authority" on your topic in the minds of talk shows. If you run through the radio stations in most any major city in America, you're almost sure to find someone interviewing an author. It's a natural. If there's a book on the market, then news people assume it's a topic people are willing to pay to find out about.

If you can't write your own book, you can hire a ghost writer to do it for you. And you can have it printed for under $200 (professionally) if you go to one of the many Print-On-Demand (POD) printers on line. The $3000 or $4000 you'll pay to have a pro write the book will more than pay for itself in free publicity almost immediately. Once you've figured out what you have to say that qualifies as news, you'll need to put together a good press release. It has to be powerful and short. I discuss the details involved in writing a good press release on my web site at:

Once you have a good release in hand, you'll want to begin by saturating the market. It doesn't matter if you don't plan on being in Seattle anytime soon. It's very much to your advantage to get a press release out to them anyway. Imagine being able to flash an article about you in the Seattle Times. Or being able to quote a talk show host on a Seattle radio station as saying you did a great job. When people from around the country are talking about you, your status immediately rises. People see you as a nationally known personality. Radio and TV talk show hosts are more interested in booking you. And...

people in your home town see you as a celebrity.

Having national press experience makes it much easier to get local press when you walk into a town where you'll be speaking.

Putting together a powerful publicity package is essential to your success. Being able to fax or mail it out to all the local radio stations, television stations and local newspapers in the area announcing that you'll be in town doing your thing on a given date is an easy shoe in the door for plenty of free publicity. That's particularly true if you can include in there a note that you've "made over 100 radio appearances nationally" or you include a clipping from the Los Angeles times about you. That'll come if you fax or email out the press releases before you go on the road.

Another simple way to transform your publicity package into a marketing machine is to put together a powerful book signing mechanism. Have a package ready to offer local bookstores that announces (with pre printed posters) that you're scheduled to appear locally doing your presentation (provided the presentation is open to the general public). Doing a book signing does three things for you.

  1. It gets the bookstore to include you in their paid for advertising,

  2. it allows you to have posters and bookmarks (or whatever) available in the bookstore for a month before your arrival, and

  3. it gives your local press releases a purpose and deadline.

Without a book signing, the radio stations might interview you a month before your arrival (when it wouldn't help your seminar at all). With a book signing scheduled, stations are going to want to carry you just before the signing (because any "meet the author" event around most towns is considered news).

If your premise is powerful and practical, a good promotional package should definitely get your foot in the door at local stations as you come upon them. But that doesn't mean you should stop promoting nationally.

You might try to make it a habit to watch the news for stories that relate to what you have to say. For example, a nationally recognized authority on celebrity autographs could find himself with lots of angles that give him an excuse to send out press releases. If a ball player dies or permanently injures his right hand, it gives him an excuse to pump out press releases discussing what that's going to do to the value of his autograph and some of the unique twists that make autographs take on different values.

Watch for topics you can speak on and always be ready with a large emailing or faxing list to make yourself available for interviews.

If you're speaking publicly you shouldn't have much trouble doing radio interviews. It's pretty much the same feeling, except there isn't a live audience, you're sitting down wearing a headset either alone at your home or in a studio somewhere. Most importantly, there's no audience feedback. To a person used to working a crowd, that can be unusual the first few times. Somehow it's hard to remember 100,000 people are actually listening to you while you're staring at a poster of Pink Floyd in a tiny sound studio. But practice giving it your best.

Be animated and informative. Work hard at being a fun guest and you'll soon discover stations calling ahead of time to find out when you'll be in their town the next time.

If you want to learn the best, easiest, cheapest, most enjoyable way of getting publicity, you must get my do-it-yourself publicity kit. It contains everything you'll ever need to run your own publicity campaigns from home. Get complete information at

In the kit you'll find tons of specific information on how to write a powerful press release, how to send them out, how to book and do your own interviews without having to pay someone to book you, how to turn your interviews into dollars in your bank account as well as a comprehensive listing of media sources around the country. You'll also find actual samples of successful press releases and hundreds of inside tips, techniques and strategies that will help you streamline the process of promoting yourself like a pro.

If you're a professional speaker, you're already a salesman (or woman) and a promoter. Getting the "inside scoop" on how the pros chalk up thousands in free publicity a year is an easy ticket to success for a person with your background.

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